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KOLE: Police in Kole district are investigating circumstances under which four district offices were broken into and items stolen by an unknown thugs.

The offices which were broken into are the office of the production officer, commercial officer, district veterinary office, and district planner.

The North Kyoga Police Spokesperson Jimmy Patrick Okema told journalists that the incident happened on Monday night.

Okema disclosed that items stolen included a printer from the commercial office, and a set of computers was also stolen from the production office.

However, nothing was stolen from the office of the district veretenary, and the district planner.

According to the regional police mouthpiece, the scene of crime was visited and an exhibit printer was recovered along the road side and has been exhibited, and the fingerprint was extracted by police and will be submitted to GAL for analysis.


A case file has been registered at Kole Central Police Station.

Okema said so far the statement has been recorded from relevant witnesses who spoke to the investigating officers from the police.

Two watchmen, Nurse Tonny and Okello Jaspher have all been arrested to facilitate investigations.

‘‘This looks like a planned move with intentions to sabotage operations in those offices, but we are confident that we shall get the perpetrators,’’ Okema vowed.

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