By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: Police in Bukedea district are investigating the circumstances under which the Subaru vehicle Reg No UBH 423K that was stolen from Bukedea CPS parking yard.

The vehicle was impounded after being involved in the nasty accident in Apiko Aloet in Kachumbala in Bukedea district along Mbale- Soroti high and claimed the life of the Bukedea district human resource officer Samuel Okutu.

The Subaru involved in an accident with the trailer truck on 18th, June 2022 and flamed on spot. The Subaru Forester was towed to Kachumbala police post for safety but shocking today {Friday} to learn that it has been stolen.

Sam Ekuma, one of the Ekutu family members when contacted on phone says none of the family members are aware of the disappearance of the vehicle.

He says the vehicle was parked at the police parking yard for safety and if it was stolen, police are responsible.

“We as a family are not aware of anything related to that, we are just shocked to hear that the vehicle was parked at the police park yard and they are responsible for the vehicle,” Ekuma said.


Ekuma also added that since the vehicle was in the hands of police, the family demands for the vehicle since the clan is on the move to process for the deceased death certificate.

Oscar Gregory Ageca, the East Kyoga police spokesperson confirmed the disappearance of the vehicle and he says the investigations and the inquiries are ongoing.

“I want to confirm this to the public that the Subaru vehicle involved in a nasty accident which claimed the life of the Bukedea human resource officer has been stolen, we as police are working hard to ensure that the culprits are brought to book,” Ageca said.

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