By Moses Alinda

WEST NILE: The Omukama {King} of Tooro His Majesty Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV will make his first visit to the West Nile region today at Pakwach ahead of the two-day program.

His attendance was confirmed by the Organisers of Amani Cultural Festival on Thursday while addressing the press.

The festival will bring together all cultural leaders and the creative industry stakeholders in the region and the Diasporas to celebrate cultural diversity and will be held at Muni University on Friday and Salim Saleh ground on Saturday.

The festival, being organized by Kujieleza Wall in Partnership with the Lugbara cultural institution.

Moses Akuma, the chairperson organizing committee, says there will be deliberations on how to domesticate cultural policies and spin culture as a tool for development.

King Oyo’s choice as the chief guest is based on the fact that he is the chairman of the Association of Kings and cultural leaders in Uganda also being a king who ascended to the throne when still young means he is a learning point.




‘’We are expecting a variety of sessions including keynotes, interviews, panel discussions, exhibitions, film screening, book signing, and dance performances among others,’’ he said.

According to Diana Santiago of Kujieleza Wall, the festivity will be a sort of an archive to relieve the indigenous culture so that young people can learn from the elderly and pass the culture on to the next generation.

Kujieleza Wall is an arts and cultural organisation with the zeal to promote social continuity and togetherness by providing guidance and training for progressive development.

She said as lugbara it’s high time to learn from other established kingdoms since there is a very reach culture in lugbara land

Moses Mandebo, the information officer of Lugbara cultural institution, says that they have reached a level where they need to learn from developed institutions like Tooro Kingdom and other organised kingdoms in and out of this country.

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