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FORT PORTAL: Tooro Kingdom on Tuesday held a symposium on HIV/AIDS targeting combating the scourge. The Omukama of Tooro His Royal Majesty Rukirabasaija Agutamba Dr.Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi the 4th Presided over the function as the Guest of Honor.

The event was also attended by the Bishop Rwenzori Diocese, RCC Fort Portal City, his Deputies and the RDC Kabarole District and other dignitaries. UN Women is supporting over 150 girl child and teenage Mother’s to attain formal education in Tooro Kingdom.

The Omukama thanked all development partners in leading the fight against the HIV/AIDS including Uganda AIDS Commission, UN Women, UAC, Baylor Uganda and MTN Uganda. His Royal Majesty commended them for the vast support towards Tooro Kingdom. An MOU was signed between the Kingdom and the development partners.

Speaking to the participants, RCC Fort Portal City Godwin Kasigwa Angalia called for an intensified fight against HIV using all the available methods as advised by the Ministry of Health.

Allan Bamuha, Deputy RCC Fort Portal City North Division asserted that avoiding the usual route of AIDS passage would be the biggest weapon to use. Bamuha encouraged the participants either to Abstain, Be faithful or use a Condom for a safer life.

Businge Emmanuel, Deputy RCC Fort Portal Central Division asked the people of Tooro to revive the cultural values citing virginity as a highly treasured cultural practice and to this, he tasked the young boys and girls to practice abstinence.


The Resident District Commissioner Kabarole, Mr. Festus Bandeeba reiterated the call for embracing all methods to fight the AIDS scourge.

The King of Tooro, Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV was appointed a goodwill ambassador to end HIV/AIDS among the youths in Africa.

The appointment of the King meant that he became the voice, face and ambassador of a youth led campaign aimed at ending AIDS in Africa by 2030. The campaign was initiated by the African Young Positives Network, a regional network for young people living with HIV in Africa.

Source: Watchdog

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