By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The residents of Bukedea district together with the district technical staff are in sorrow and pain, mourning one of their fallen district human resource officer who perished in a fatal vehicle accident on weekend in Apiko village Kachumbala Sub County along Soroti-Mbale highway.

The deceased identified as Sam Akutu, the Bukedea human resource officer perished after a head on collision with a trailer truck heading from Mbale to Soroti side.

According to available sources it was revealed that the human resource vehicle flamed after the collision and burnt him in the vehicle instantly.

“It was a tragic death, his vehicle flamed after the collision, we could even rescue”, said sources.

The eye witnesses also disclosed that, the fire which flamed from his vehicle also burnt the driver of the trailer which also died on spot.

“All the two vehicles burnt and the dead bodies were picked in separate parts”, say Eye witnesses.

Mourners view on the deceased

Major Victor Moses Ocan the operation wealth creation Bukedea says the deceased’s death is the loss to the district.

“Akutu is a humble person, hardworking and very active in his office”, said Ocan.

Samuel Mukose, the workers councillor, calls the deceased’s death a great loss to the district, he says the deceased has been a vibrant person in terms of service delivery.

The body of the deceased is in Mbale mortuary as the burial arrangement will soon be availed.

However, recently the Gate bus collided head on collision with Wanagon bus in the same point and killed three people on spot.

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