By Christopher Nyeko

GULU: Twelve pastors from True Gospel Church Outreach main church in Laroo Wang Tangi in Laroo-Pece division have graduated in Theology.

The graduates were also anointed, and implored to use traditional songs and dances as a means of bringing youth to salvation

The imploration was aired by Pastor Patrick P’ Okeny Rwot Tek allies Papafreshstart who presided over the anointment ceremony at True Gospel Church in Gulu.

Okeny who was preaching from the event explained that Acholi people are gifted with enrich culture which can be used to worship, praise and giving thanks to God.

Acholi have over 27 traditional dances with varieties of poem, folk songs, rhymes plus the  verities if musical instrument which can be used by the youth to praise God.

“Youth can possibly leave the act of leaving a sinful life and turn to God if the gospel reach them through the means they want,” he noted.

The youth can dance (Otole) the Acholi war dance to confronting, casting and chasing demons.

Okeny added that the (Orak) dance can as well be used as praise song in the house of the Lord.

He criticized other denominations who are preaching against the culture citing that the society without culture is a dead one.

Meanwhile Francis Umaoo Gotpolo the founder of True Gospel Church Outreach directed the twelve newly anointed pastors who have completed their fourteen courses in bible study course to work hard to preach the true gospel of the Jesus Christ.

“False prophets are many. They are preaching what is nice in the ears of the society while leaving cautioning the people against wrong doing as the prophet of the ancient time use to do” Umaoo asserted

Piloya Evelyn the faithful said some of the pastors are preaching against the culture which has contributed to divisionism in the churches disclosing that people with good cultural beliefs and practices are stepping aside from the church.

Agnes Acan age 57 who was anointed said she has converted many elderly women in Labora where she ministering using the true preaching of gospel of Jesus Christ

The twelve anointed pastors were Jacob Lakony, Alex Jok-kene, Casto Jok-kene, David Otim, Alfred Akena, Agness Acan,

Others included Silvia Atoo, Simon Oloyojok, Emmanuel Kidaga, Densin Okello, Charles Ilonya and Daniel Kica.

These pastors were then send for their ministerial duties at difference church branches which spread over Acholi sub region

Umaoo however urged the Christians to whom these servants of God are sent to, to receive them and take care of them as their own people.

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