By George Emuron

BUKEDEA: The Police in Bukedea Central Police Station have impounded two trucks transporting illegal fish to Bukedea weekly cattle market in Bukedea district.

The operation was launched today June 6th, 2022 spearheaded by the national fisheries coordinator, surveillance and monitoring unit Mwetegya Zacheus.

According to Mwetegya, the impounded trucks are Toyota UBH 255Z and FUSO UBF 109J and all parked at Bukedea Central Police Station.

“We are in operation today in Bukedea district and we have arrested two trucks, one carrying million fish and the other carrying illegal fish which is not mature, according to law premature fish is not supposed to be sold,” said Mwetegya.

Mwetegya, also added that besides premature fish, fish sellers are expected to have fish license and transport license.

“Among the arrested victims, most of them do not have transport licenses, health certificates among others,” he added.

However, the victims have been rallied to Bukedea Central Police Station to record their statements while the trucks together with illegal fish are parked at the same police station.

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