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AMURU: Residents of Palite sub parish, Coke Parish  in Lamogi sub county Amuru district are longing for clean drinking water to quench their thirst amidst reported rising cases of typhoid disease among the population.

Vincent Oloya, the Palite B sub village leader disclosed that his sub village and the entire parish is faced  by a serious shortage of clean water for human consumption since the only borehole which was serving the entire parish has turned into a disease carrier with water – borne diseases like typhoid.

‘’We have several cases of reported death and other sickness relate to drinking contaminated borehole, water from the borehole could not even be used for bathing since once you bath it, your skin develops black spots, and when you boil or prepare food using it, soup automatically turns to black which cannot be consumed,’’ he noted.

The leader also told that due to contaminated water, people are suffering from typhoid and other water-borne diseases. ‘’There is need for government intervention because the situation here isn’t good at all,’’ Oloya asks.

Nighty Lawino disclosed that the health specialists have advised the community to boil the water before drinking or using it for any domestic use but they have tried all possible ways by following the experts’ directives but nothing has changed with the water from the borehole.

She also disclosed that her 8year old son has been suffering from water-borne disease contracted from drinking and the constant use of water from the borehole and she has even lost her son due to an unknown infection from the water from the said borehole. ‘’My 8year old son has been suffering from water-borne disease contracted from drinking and the use of water from the borehole, I also lost my son to an unknown infection from the said borehole,’’ she asserted.

Lawino also noted that her only eight year old son is suffering from an unidentified disease that the medics say has been caused due to the use of the waters from the borehole and the running water adding she lost her elder son also as a result of using the waters from that borehole. “My son’s body sometimes turns yellowish and I have failed to get better medications for the disease and now am crying out to anybody who can come and rescue me and save my only son from dying,” said Lawino.

Denish Nyeko Albino, the area councillor of Coke Parish disclosed that he had raised so many appeals to the sub county and the district about the shortage of clean water in the parish. He noted that his people are drinking from the running water of Olwal running stream which is being shared by both animals and the people. ‘’This running water is more dangerous to human life than the borehole, and it is causing serious disease infections to my people, he added.

He however disclosed that through his office, they have advised the community to stop using the borehole which is affecting their health as they wait for the district to respond since water from the borehole has a drastic effects both internally and externally as witnessed through typhoid and turning human body to dark – black color also affecting the teeth.

 Palite sub parish has a total of over 200 populations with Palite B village with over 180 households according to the report from the area councillor. To date, Amuru district has drilled a cumulative figure of 445 boreholes, 61 shallow wells, and has protected 97 high yielding springs.

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