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ARUA: Independence Day in Uganda is a state holiday celebrated on October 9 every year.

Uganda celebrates independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.

Celebrations are held throughout the country and activities are designed to promote the nation.

In most cases military parades are held annually in various districts within the country and performances are held by well-known artists.

There are also cultural demonstrations that include traditional festivals.

After 2 years of lockdown without mass celebrations, Area boys events have up graded the celebrations to mark 60 years of independence with a number of events which will be marked from heritage courts.

The activities include the various cultural dances of West Nile, performances from various artists and fireworks which will begin from 7pm in the evening.

Adinan Ali commonly known as Ali steps says Uganda has had a number of success stories and challenges especially as it is marking 60 years.

Among the challenges the entertainment industry was the 2 years lock down where the entertainment industry suffered a setback thus a reason people should celebrate with performances.

He says in the past 60 years westnile has improved in talents which have put the region on map.

Aikoh Zackdale of the Area boys events says westnile as a region is gifted with talents however a number of promoters rarely invest in them thus a reason the area boys events has invested in the promotion of home talent to show the maturity of the talent within the country.

Oriyo Job commonly known as Jobian tick who represented the artists said that the music industry in westnile has been consistent because of the educative message, sensitization it passes to various categories include the young children, youth and older persons.

He gave an example of when Covid 19 had spread to the whole world musicians came up simple sensitization messages in various local languages.

Area boys’ events, entertainment event organizers have organized 9th October for entertainment as Uganda marks 60 years of independence.

The event that will be hosted at heritage courts will see a number of cultural dances such as Duluka for the Nubians, Ndara for Alurs, Lingala for Congolese’s and performances from various artists within West Nile showcasing talent.

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