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SHEEMA: Parents, Guardians and caretakers to the people living with disabilities and old people, have been encouraged to think of a lot of interventions in addressing issues concerning the lame.

This was raised during the ceremony of giving wheelchairs and sticks to both the old, and people living with disabilities on Friday at Kabwohe play ground in Sheema Municipality in Sheema district.

Wheelchairs and sticks to the old, and people living with disabilities were donated by Hon. Kateshumbwa Dickson the Municipal member of the parliament who was represented by the Municipal Council speaker Hon. Steven Katwiromunda at the ceremony

Hon. Tumwijukye Colleb, councillor for the PWDs and chairperson social services Sheema Municipality said that people with disabilities are taken to be a curse to the society which is not the case.

While addressing the gathering Hon. Steven Katwiromunda, who doubles as the political assistant to Hon. Kateshumbwa Dickson said that disabled people should not be left behind and therefore they need to be supported.

He cited people living with disabilities to fully engage in government programs like the current parish development model where they will benefit with over 10 percent of money under the program.

Over 150 people living with disabilities and old people were provided with wheelchairs and sticks to help them with their way of living.

Beneficiaries who interacted with the informer were appreciative for being thought about and according to them transport has been eased and relief has been given to them being prioritized to be of use in the society.

They also showed that more government intervention is needed to implement laws that will enable PWDs to enjoy their rights.

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