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KUMI: A student of Kumi University has survived lynching over dumping her baby in a pit-latrine.
Locals say the suspect had been carrying an eight-month pregnancy, and she gave birth in her house in Nyero Town Council, Kumi District secretly.

Its alleged that the suspect sneaked out of the house and threw the baby in the pit-latrine.

“We heard the baby cry but we did not see her come out, when we entered her room, there was evidence of a woman having been in labour but the baby was missing,” Ms Grace Akello, a resident, said.

She further said this was not the first time the suspect has dumped a baby.

“She completely kept quiet when we asked of her condition and of the baby, but when we looked around the baby was missing that is when we sensed that something was wrong,” Ms Akello added.

An angry mob gathered and started assaulting her.
However, the suspect was rescued by Nyero Police Station officers.

The acting East Kyoga regional police spokesperson, Mr Oscar Ageca, confirmed the incident.

“The suspect has been pregnant, she secretly gave birth to a baby boy, sneaked out and threw the baby in a pit-latrine which has been in use,” Mr Ageca said.

He said the victim was retrieved alive from the pit-latrine but died on arrival at Nyero Health Centre.
Mr Michael Biing Makwach, a university student, expressed disappointment over the incident.

He wondered why one would carry a pregnancy for nine months and later dump the baby.

The guild president of Kumi University, Mr Deogracious Amuriat, condemned the incident, saying it is an act of murder.

Mr Ivan Vincent Okay, the father of the deceased baby, said the suspect has been ignoring him for a while.

“I told her several times that I am willing to help but she turned against my request,” Mr Okay said.

He blamed the suspect of being too reserved, adding that she could not share details of her personal life and challenges with him.

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