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KAMPALA: Army and defence spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye says the MI 24 helicopter developed a mechanical fault while in flight and the pilot made an emergency landing.

He adds that no casualties both to the occupants of the plane and on the ground.

Kulayigye added that a team has been dispatched from the UPDAF Headquarters under the command of the Deputy Air Force Commander, Gen Okid to establish what could have been the cause of the accident.

Earlier today, the UPDF helicopter crashed into a mud and wattle house at Saaka, just half a kilometre from the airfield.

According to an eyewitness, three helicopters had just taken off from Saaka airfield but one of them crashed into the house.

The eyewitness says that an unidentified occupant of the house who is an elderly woman was rushed to hospital. No deaths have been reported so far.
Other witnesses said that two UPDF soldiers were seen disembarking from the helicopter.

UPDF soldiers have cordoned off the scene of the crash to prevent on-lookers from getting to it.

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