By Pascal Onega

BULIISA: Residents of Biiso town council in Buliisa District Bunyoro sub region are spending sleepless nights due an increasing shortage of water in their area.

According to the survey conducted by UG Reports, water vendors are selling a 20 litre jerrican of water at 1,000 shillings from 500 shillings, while at the borehole, a 20 litre jerrican of water is at 500 shillings from 200 shillings.

Despite the shortage of tap water, the 20 litre jerrican of water has remained at 200 shillings at the taps.

Night Nyirumbe, a resident of Biiso Cell says that the area is totally lacking water since most of them depend on tap water saying as a result, this has forced many people to go fetch water from the nearby bore holes.

”There is no water at the tap, we are hardly surviving, in fact if you don’t have money, you can’t get water,” she said.

Philip Balyesima says that life has now become hard for them, especially those who have many families, noting it has now become a big problem for the school going children.


Balyesiima adds that, most of the women are no longer doing work but instead have put most of their attention on water since it is very hard to get.

”Due to the inadequate water in the area, some people have resorted to fetching from Kihungya sub county which is even far from here,” Murokole Businge told our reporter.

Residents are calling upon the leaders to intervene into the matter since the situation is getting out of hand.

Fred Baguma the LC1 Chairperson Biiso cell Biiso ward says the situation is alarming since most of the people depend on tap water points.

According to Peter Oketch the Mayor Biiso Town Council, the water level at the pump point has reduced due to a dry spell attributing with off and on electricity power hence the scarcity.

Oketch urges the community members to remain calm as they are trying to engage the authorities to ensure the problem is rectified.

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