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We need transparency in the implementation of president’s directive of evacuating critical eco-systems.

Editor the implantation of the president’s directive on evacuating the critical biodiversity’s which has been encroached by the Ugandan’s has not been put in place fairly by implementers because the directive is targeting areas where there is poor people (Mutu Wawasi) operating from.

This was seen in Kikuube district along the river Nguse, in Luwero district, Adjumani, Bukedi and Fort portal others where crops and houses were demolished.

The idea by the presidents was very good because it is aiming at conserving environment to reduce on climate change but the challenge is that it targeting a specific group of people which are the poor and it is not fairly implemented.

Since the president introduced the directive on evacuating the critical biodiversity’s such as wetlands and forests, we not have seen the investors and rich business people being evacuated from the sensitive eco-systems such as forests like Bugoma central forest reserve, Zoka Mabira which are under a big threat and others wetlands across the country.

The president’s directive on evacuating the sensitive biodiversity’s is likely not to yield much on the promotion of environment conservation because it not fairly implemented.


We need to see actions taken also on the big eco-systems such as Bugoma, Zoka, Mabira and other which are under a big pressure by investors and reach business men carrying out agriculture, timber logging and charcoal burning and others. This will help to show transparency and fairness in the implementation of president’s directive on evacuating the critical biodiversity’s

It noted that the president’s directive is not working in some areas encroached by the investors and rich business men because they have  land titles approved by district land boards and certificates approved by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

This was seen recently in Fort Portal city where the rich business man dealing in selling petrol and diesel was claiming to be having a certificate in the wetland and his property was not demolished.

The president’s directive on evacuating forests and wetlands could have started with the big critical eco-systems which are at a big threat like Zoka central forest reserve in Northern Uganda, Bugoma forest in Western Uganda and Mabira in central Uganda. This could show a very good example and transparency poor and illiterate people.

In addition to that these could also increase the conservation efforts of big forests which usually consist of natural tree spices which are good at absorbing gas emissions in the atmosphere, better for a habitant for a variety of animal, bird and insect spices.

This will also help to reduce on increased Human- Animal conflicts caused by limited space due massive encroachment big forests which are habitants of variety of wild animals, an predictable weather conditions such as floods, prolonged drought and army worms among others.

I call upon Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), local leaders and other relevant stake holders implementing the president’s directive on evacuating the critical biodiversity have to ensure that there is transparency and fairness in the process of the implementation of the directive.

The author is Kato Paul {katop.adyeeri@gmail.com}, Research Associate at Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO)

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