By Amlan Tumusiime

We are talking about gun fire in Guinea Bissau. We are talking a lot about the unnecessary fighting  in Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom.

Painfully as the country is witnessing the announcement of the Final Investment Decision on oil and gas at Kololo, our own on the very day are in the palace fighting a senseless unproductive war.

Why Bunyoro my mother land? We are talking of a 15 billion us dollars all this money because of the oil resources here in Bunyoro.


No serious discussion about this on all most Bunyoro social media platforms.  We are not taking about what the signing of this huge project means to Ugandans.

The huge benefits that come with such a huge projects. I want to believe that this is the first hugest investment after Karuma.

But here we are talking about small things. Why? This  is like a new baby we have been waiting for.


Now Final Investment Decision the baby is born what next for our people to benefit from the new birth is what we would be talking about instead of using the very same day the Final Investment Decision is being signed and fight Final Investment Decision in the palace.

What a bad idea.!! How is the world viewing us think deeply about it.

The Author is the Resident District Commissioner for Kikuube in Bunyoro Sub Region


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