By Moses Muruli

MASINDI: Karujubu division leaders in Masindi district want the roads that the district is to receive under the Masindi-Biiso project be constructed in their area.

Masindi is expecting 13 kilometers of tarmac under the project, one of the oil roads being constructed in the region by the government.

During a joint media briefing yesterday, Karujubu division leaders led by the chairperson Solomon Asiimwe demanded the district roads committee and Masindi Municipal council to allocate the kilometers to the division, not Masindi central division as they did with the kilometers that were offered under the Kigumba-Bulima project.

Asiimwe urged that if Masindi municipality is to uniformly develop, infrastructure and other projects should be evenly distributed to avoid scenarios where other areas will be much more developed than others.

He added that since the road is passing through the division, the auxiliary roads should be constructed in the division to improve its image and also develop it.

Mugisa Nserume, the division vice chairperson proposed Mutabazi road in Kisiita ward, Kisarabwire –Rutumba as some of the roads that should be considered under the project.

On her part, Harriet Kabonesa, the female councilor representing people with disability in the division urged that the division should benefit under the project claiming its people  have borne its effects more than other areas.

We could not readily get a comment from the district chairperson on the matter.

This is not the first time lower government leaders in the district are demanding for the construction of the roads that the government has offered to the district under the road projects in the district.

Last year leaders from the greater Pakanyi sub county stormed the office of the RDC demanding that the kilometers that the government offered to the district under Kisanja-Para road project be constructed in their area since it is passing through their area.

Currently China railway number 5 is tarmacking the 11 kilometers of road in Masindi central division that the government offered to the district under the Kigumba-Bulima road project.



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