It seemed like a glaring answer to the loudest cry of our times. A great and formidable team was established, carefully appointed, cognizant of the members' heritage.

By Guest Writer 

OPINION: We are told of your former greatness, clout, and glory, oh Bunyoro!

You boasted about economic independence; all your people had enough to eat; you never worried about shelter; your boundaries were secure; your people never worried about health; you had remedies for every condition, to the extent of being in history for the first caesarean section to save the mother and the child, a legacy gone without patent.

Where are your great physicians? Where are your great craftsmen who saw the Arab’s machine and immediately made the Bagwigairebata version?

In modern times, your children have been appointed and others elected to involuntarily superintend injustice against you.

A mock Chief Treasurer and a mock Leader of Government Business

The Parliamentary caucus gladly passed, among others, 10 billion to start the upgrade of Masindi district referral hospital in the 2022–23 budget, while our own helplessly looked on as the finances were diverted to other critical issues in other regions—who knows, maybe even diverted to procure the floating and flying mabaati?.

It is now the third quarter, and we can all unfortunately and miserably agree that there won’t be an upgrade for Masindi Hospital, despite the budget approval.

The Parliamentary Caucus, the Association of District Chairpersons, District Speakers, LC3 Chairpersons, and their Speakers rest voiceless and helpless.

Bunyoro University! The decades’ song and cry The voices are eventually fading and the tears are drying without sustainable inroads.

The 2021/22 2bn was more or less realized on the “barrel of the gun.” It seemed like a glaring answer to the loudest cry of our times. A great and formidable team was established, carefully appointed, cognizant of the members’ heritage.

The hope is short-lived, as the 2023–24 budget has no allocation for the same. Cry, oh Bunyoro! Where are you, our radical daughter, the leader of government business? Where are you, our vocal son, the celebrated National Treasurer? Where are our former loud voices in the August House? Cry, oh Bunyoro!

Our hope was raised at the legislation to have a share of the oil and gas royalties for Bunyoro region. The Butebengwa development clearly erases that hope.

Some Bunyoro people will benefit as the rest of us look on, unless our brothers will have mercy on us and allow us to feed on the crumbs. An artificial collaboration would mean something, which is most unlikely! Cry, oh Bunyoro!

Our only rescue would be voices of decent against the above and other unmentioned injustices; unfortunately, our people, including those that we would have to trust, will gladly raise their arms, taking sides with the tormentors. Cry, oh Bunyoro!

Where is the Burungi Bwansi spirit? Who cares about the Kangabaije sound? Where is the voice and influence of our great BKK? Where is the future of our great motherland? Cry, oh Bunyoro!

Finally, my heart aches whenever I see injustice against my motherland, Bunyoro. I am contesting for the Hoima LC5 seat not as a kingmaker but as a consistent and reliable whistleblower.

I invite anyone who cares about a united and prosperous Hoima and Bunyoro to support me. It is never too late; we can join hands to save ourselves and our great motherland, Bunyoro.

Hangiriza agutamba, hangiriza ekitule ekinobere abeemi, hangiriza enkya nungi, singa rwa Sir Tito Winyi, singa omwijukuru wa Kabalega Orame nyinaitwe Bunyoro.

The author is Lennox Mugume, incoming Chairman of LC5 Hoima District.

Disclaimer: We, as UG Reports Media LTD, welcome any opinion by anyone if it’s of constructive use to the development of Uganda. All the expressions and opinions in this write-up are not of UG Reports Media LTD but of the author of the article.

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