The wheel chair cost 550,000 Ugandan shillings.

By Moses Alinda

ARUA: Asante Ivan is a physically disabled pupil in primary seven at Onzivu Primary School in Arua City.

Asante, who uses a wheelchair to go to school, has been facing challenges with his mobility since his wheelchair completely broke down.

Recently, Asante received a donation of a new wheelchair worth 550,000 shillings from well-wishers.

The well-wishers, who comprised Geofrey Oyirwoth and friends, identified Asante’s transport challenge through a survey to help needy children as a way of giving back to them.

Led by Geofrey Oyirwoth, the well-wishers motive is to motivate the learners so that they pass and have identified the PWDs so that they encourage them.

“I came to this school to find out how I can help the needy children by buying them school supplies. Upon reaching the school, I found out that Asante’s wheelchair was in bad condition, so I had to run a fundraising drive with my friends to see how we could help the boy. We were five people who raised 550,000 shillings,” said Oyirwoth.

By the time the wheel chair was delivered to the school, the beneficiary was absent as the wheel chair he was using had completely broken down.

The school’s deputy head teacher, Ayikoru Milly, said the wheel chair Asante has been using was donated years ago by Rotarians, and fellow classmates have been helping to repair it so that he can access school for education.

“Today, Asante had not come to school because the wheelchair’s condition had deteriorated.” But we thank God who has answered his prayers, and now he can be able to attend school since his transportation has been sorted.

Bako Alima Caroline, the head teacher at Onzivu Primary School, said Asante is a promising learner, but the challenge has been transportation to school.

She says that as school begins, they are ready to maintain his wheelchair so that he does not miss school anymore.

The head teacher further says the school took charge of the lunch of the PWDs so that they are relieved from movements looking for food.

“I called the parents of these boys to discuss their fate, but the mother of Asante said she is a single mother and can only afford the scholastic materials, but as a mother, I decided to provide them with meals.” However, the boy in P5 by the name of Angwa rejected the offer because the public toilets the school has are not friendly.

The school’s head teacher, however, advised other stakeholder groups to always assist the needy children in their communities.

Oyirwoth Geofrey and friends are fresh graduates from Muni University who graduated in February this year.

They have been living in Onzivu as they pursued their education at Muni University.

As they give back to the community, they have identified the needy schoolchildren to be helped, especially the persons with disabilities.

Asante Ivan is the third beneficiary after three others who have also been helped. The wheel chair cost 550,000 Ugandan shillings.

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