By: Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa

I have learnt that everything we do is criticized by those either with capacity to do it or fear not to do it. As I was driving my 2 tire vitz, I came across a piece of matoke and by look of things, it fell from a bajaj transporting bananas. Many could not pick it. I packed by the roadside and picked it.

A small conversation starts. Man, you are rich but you can pick such a piece? I drove home and along the way, I found a pile of dung. It was a mixture of goat and chicken. Literally, it was like 2 sacks of waste. Indeed this was like oil from Hoima.

I bought 2 kaveraz and packed it and loaded it on my small Vitz. Everyone looked at me like a lad lacking what to do. Guys, I was welcomed by the home queen like Kaguta on the throne. The matoke is what we have had for dinner I and my love since all kids are at school. The dung will supply over 20 matoke at the farm. My concern is why people can’t do small things?

For your information, even when you don’t do it they will talk of you. If you fear those of us who are successful will do it. To show that we will do it the more throw it even tomorrow, we shall pick it and even write on Facebook in pride. We must learn that we can’t be great if we don’t train ourselves to do small things.

From these small things comes big ones. Society will only look at success not the process. No one is bothered about what you pick but will talk about you if u starve. Why do you fear to pick a matoke on the road but you can buy tomatoes by the same roadside. Will our pride feed us? What if we trained ourselves to learn from situations. People are found of talking evil about us until they are retired by our success.

I therefore want to emphasize.
1. Train ourselves to start doing small things like taking yourself water and picking your towels
2. Celebrate those small things like a one onion harvested at home
3. Start learning what the successful and rich do. They live in no pride and do small stuffs
4. If you don’t do small things, big guys will do them and commercialize them for you to pay.
5. We can’t do great things without learning from small things. Small actions will train us to become hardcore
6. Whenever you want to become a teacher, you must first become a learner

The writer is a Junior Citizen, a life Coach and Team Leader at the Center for Ideas and Innovation Incubation

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