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On Friday, Patrick Abitekanize commonly known as Easyp Omusomesa Amooti was remanded to Masindi Prison on counts of cyber harassment and computer misuse Act( Whatever you may call it). A lot of information circulated on social media prior to his Arrest by one Innocent Businge. Which I will not discuss much.

We shall not reject Easy P on whatever count he has been condemned of, our role is to help Easy P redeem himself, and his music is at standoff and all his projects he might or could have been working on.

Whatever Easy P did, all of us have done it including those who arrested him, the magnitude could have been much or lesser but it’s the magic of who has power where and when. I don’t guarantee any one to commit crime, harass anyone, or abuse any one amidst the current social degeneration. (Ignorance of the Law is no defence).

A lot of young people are going through a lot, starting with mental depression, errors in their line of duty, collusion, Poverty, unemployment, and others notwithstanding drug addiction, and unsafe relationships. Etc.

There is a lot of concentration of social based services in the centre and our Community based department is so much focused on Livelihood forgetting the other side of growth and social existence of most youth.

My message to Businge, whether you were hurt or not , I am not sure; your interest could have been driven by ego, superiority or otherwise anger or need to discipline Easy P. Right. You have the right. You’re a leader and a councillor to the Central Division, create a better alternative and resound decisions to reach a resolution.

It’s alleged that on Friday no one would stand surety of Easy P. It’s a lesson to learn as young people, those we praise may never be there for us, strategically make your friends.

So my humble appeal, to Businge, rescind your decision,

Secondly, our leaders, I know you’re busy amidst different social and non-social events that matter to you and your respective constituencies; however, we can mediate amidst this conflict and have Easy P serve as he is from home. Life is a journey full of mysteries.

The artists and musicians in Masindi, know your fate and trade carefully, be disciplined, being a musician doesn’t call for Indiscipline, you will be Isolated and left to rot alone.

The author is Turyahikayo Innocent the Shadow MP Masindi Municipality 2021-2026 (DP)

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