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KANUNGU: Over the past few months, residents of Kanungu district have decried the attacks on them, their farms and domestic animals from the wild animals that hail from the Queen Elizabeth National Park, according to Nile Post.

The national park is one of the most captivating tourism sites in the district has since ceased to bring joy but tears and fright among the residents.

Residents have since narrated tales of how lions from the park attack their animals like goats and cows while the big animals like elephants break into their farms and spoil all their crops.

In just a period of one week, an old lady was bitten by a poisonous snake, had her goats eaten and her plantation ruined.

According to another resident, Elias Muhumuza, he believes that the attacks on the locals shall continue unless the national park decides to demarcate its territory with an electric fence.

As they wait for an official statement and possible action from the Uganda Wildlife Authority, the Kanungu residents live in fear as wild animals continue to ravage their homes.


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