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By Moses Alinda

ARUA: A project code named ‘Yambala 4me” working in partnership with Ministry of Health, works and transport, presidency and gender labour and social development labour is to be launched in West Nile.

“Yambala 4me meaning” wear it for me is an innovative Approach to deal with health and safety challenges with youth swag for behavioral change.

Yambala 4me focuses on TB/Ebola, COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, Crashes following the rampant accidents among others.

Ambassador groups comprising of Bodaboda riders, constructors, market vendors, industrial workers, drivers, and the media among others were Wednesday trained during one day workshop in Arua.

George Tamale from the Yambala campaign team says many people have acquired diseases which can be prevented by wearing it 4me and a number of people have neglected them.

He says they have picked the most risk people such as the drivers; Bodaboda’s to drive the campaign since they are at high risk.

Chekwel Sam the regional traffic officer admitted that 6 percent of the of the population is lost in accidents annually in Uganda.

He said most of the accidents are attributed to various errors which cut across from human error to environmental error.

Josephine Angucia the West Nile Region Police Spokesperson says sensitization on safe guarding lives should continue though some people do not believe in safety measures.

The participants were urged to wear helmets, reflector jackets and seatbelts while riding and driving to protect them in case of accidents, constructors and industrial workers were urged to wear protective gears like helmets, heavy shoes, gloves, face masks for protection at the construction sites and factories, fishermen to wear life jackets for protection while fishing on water, market vendors and all other categories to wear condoms for protection Against HIV/AIDS, and face masks for protection against TB/Ebola and COVID-19.

Yambala for me will have a grand launch of Yambala in Arua city in mid this year aimed at sensitizing the community on the benefits of life saving gargets.

The Yambala campaign is running in support with TASO and other partners.

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