By Daniel Nsengimana

KABALE: Youth from Kabale district have been encouraged to avoid homosexuality and lesbianism  for Money provided by organizations from abroad.

The call was made by the Vicar Kabale Diocese Fr. Msgr Dr John Vianney Sunday during the official launch of Kabale Youth SACCO on Sunday.

According to the priest, such money targets to destroy young people adding they should stop and avoid them and think of how they can make money for themselves and not rely on others.

He also emphasized the youth to always conduct prayers in whatever they do and to embrace values of Catholic church faith.

The state Minister for Finance and General duties Hon. Musasizi Ariganyira contributed 5 million shillings to the SACCO.

He also promised to submit the request to the president Museveni to contribute to the SACCO for the youth to benefit from it and Catholic church projects that were established earlier.

”Covid19 slowed down the work of the youth, there should be better plans for their future and to ensure they make good use of the SACCO, he said.

Feleix Abaho the kabale diocese youth coordinator revealed that their mission of holding a conference was to teach the young generation on spiritual values and developmental issues to see how they can develop through their efforts as they were later hindered by covid19 that limited them from gelding over and over again.

Francis Mugisha, a male representative for youth, revealed that they have gained skills of conducting self prayers and knowing more about Catholic church.

Mugisha added that they have learnt of how they can make their own project to boost earnings without begging money from leaders and learnt on how to maintain discipline.

Kebirungi Suzan, a female representative revealed that young girls have acquired a lot from the conference and how to solve challenges facing them and how to convince they parents that their behavior s have changed  and ensure that money paid by their parents as school  fees is uterised because some parents consider that educating a girl a child has no use.

Suzan added that the launched sacco shall help them take their own money in making business and using their hands  not seeking money from men for sex that may hinder their future.

This conference started on 08.12.2022 and officially closed on Sunday.

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